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Los Alamos Science, the flagship publication of Los Alamos National Laboratory from 1980 through 2005, was distributed to the international scientific community, academic libraries, and US government policymakers. It presented a coherent picture of some of the most exciting scientific initiatives of the Laboratory and served as a forum for LANL scientists to display the breadth and depth of their research and its significance to national security.

Many volumes are devoted to areas in which LANL was or still is a leader. These range from frontiers in the biosciences - Human Genome Project, AIDS research, and radiation protection - to those in the physical sciences - neutrons as probes of nanomaterials, quantum computing and information, and predictive science. Some themes reflect LANL's focus on fundamental physics - nonlinear studies and the legacy of Stan Ulam, neutrino physics and astrophysics - others convey LANL's role in national security - Russian-American collaborations and challenges in plutonium science. The volumes on particle physics and the legacy of Stan Ulam were so well received that Cambridge University Press decided to re-issue them, and University Science Books adapted and republished the Human Genome Project volume for the academic community.

A hallmark of Los Alamos Science was the development of pedagogical articles that tackle difficult concepts. These presentations were intended to foster interdisciplinary research, enabling scientists in one field to become familiar with the ideas and techniques of another field. They are still widely used by undergraduate and graduate students. Another special feature of the Los Alamos Science series are the volumes celebrating Laboratory anniversaries (40th, 50th, 60th). They provide snapshots of the entire Laboratory that illustrate the evolution of the nuclear weapons mission and other programs. Finally, the interviews, roundtable discussions, reports on conferences, and personal essays help to capture the personality and the spirit of innovation that permeate this historic site. The entire set of thirty Los Alamos Science volumes was inspired by the great science and dedication to freedom of the Manhattan Project era and reflects the continuing dedication of the LANL staff to those ideals.   

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