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High-Explosives Performance - Understanding the Effects of a Finite-Length Reaction Zone [No.28 2003]
John b. Bdzil, Tariq D. Aslam, Rudolph Henninger, James J. Quirk
1479 kB
Damage Evolution in Ductile Materials - Developing a Quantitative and Predictive Understanding [No.28 2003]
Anna K. Zurek, W. Richards Thissell, carl P. Trujillo, Davis L. Tonks, Benjamin L. Henrie, Rhonald K. Keinigs
331 kB
ASCI - Big Engineering in the Field of Scientific Computing [No.28 2003]
James S. Peery
605 kB
The Evolving Deterrent [No.29 2005]
Dwight Jaeger, John Pedicini
1001 kB
Error Analysis and Simulations of Complex Phenomena [No.29 2005]
Michael A. Christie, James Glimm, John W. Grove, David M. Higdon, David H. Sharp, Merri M. Wood-Schultz
1495 kB
Reducing Uncertainty in Nuclear Data [No.29 2005]
Mark B. Chadwick, Patrick Talou, Toshihiko Kawano
1495 kB
The Ocean Perspective—Uncertainties in Climate Prediction [No.29 2005]
Rainer Bleck
958 kB
Predicting Risks in the Earth Sciences—Volcanological Examples [No.29 2005]
Greg Valentine
1522 kB
Quantum Molecular Dynamics—Simulating Warm, Dense Matter [No.29 2005]
Lee A. Collins, Joel D. Kress, Stephane F. Mazevet
1583 kB
Predicting Material Strength, Damage, and Fracture—The Synergy between Experiment and Modeling [No.29 2005]
George T. (Rusty) Gray III, Paul J. Maudlin, Lawrence M. Hull, Q. Ken Zuo, Shuh-Rong Chen
2015 kB
Complex Networks—The Challenge of Interaction Topology [No.29 2005]
Zoltán Toroczkai
2240 kB
Models of the Retina with Application to the Design of a Visual Prosthesis [No.29 2005]
Garrett T. Kenyon, John George, Bryan Travis, Krastan Blagoev
2558 kB
The Turbulence Problem—An Experimentalist’s Perspective [No.29 2005]
Robert Ecke
2760 kB
Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulence—Data Generation and Statistical Analysis [No.29 2005]
Susan Kurien, Mark A. Taylor
3132 kB
The LANS-a Model for Computing Turbulence—Origins, Results, and Open Problems [No.29 2005]
Darryl D. Holm, Chris Jeffery, Susan Kurien, Daniel Livescu, Mark A. Taylor, Beth A. Wingate
1715 kB
Taylor’s Hypothesis, Hamilton’s Principle, and the LANS-a Model for Computing Turbulence [No.29 2005]
Darryl D. Holm
309 kB
Field Theory and Statistical Hydrodynamics—The First Analytical Predictions of Anomalous Scaling [No.29 2005]
Misha Chertkov
104 kB
Physically Motivated Discretization Methods—A Strategy for Increased Predictiveness [No.29 2005]
Dana Knoll, Jim Morel, Len Margolin, Misha Shashkov
1299 kB

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