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Los Alamos Science No. 1, Summer 1980

Premier Issue

The premier issue of Los Alamos Science became a collector's item because of the seminal article by Mitchell Feigenbaum on the approach to chaotic behavior in deterministic systems. The volume also features a series of articles on nuclear safeguards, an international effort to prevent proliferation by monitoring nuclear materials that began in the 1960's at Los Alamos.

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984 kB
Universal Behavior in Nonlinear Systems
Mitchell J. Feigenbaum
5431 kB
High-Temperature Superconductivity: A Metallurgical Approach
Angelo L. Giorgi, Gregory R. Stewart, James L. Smith, and Bernd T. Matthias
2027 kB
Flow Cytometry: A New Tool for Quantitative Cell Biology
L. Scott Cram, Dale M. Holm, and Paul F. Mullaney
2783 kB
Heavy Ion Fusion
George Sawyer
308 kB
The Search for Nuon-Number Violation at LAMPF
Cy Hoffman and Minh Duong-Van
1086 kB
Nuclear Safeguards A Global Issue
G. Robert Keepin
3826 kB
Nondestructive Assay for Nuclear Safeguards
Roddy B. Walton and Howard O. Menlove
5841 kB
Dynamic Materials Accounting Systems
Darryl B. Smith, Dante Stirpe, and James P. Shipley
3531 kB
Don Kerr on Nuclear Safeguards

355 kB
Plate Tectonics Where the Action Is
Bob Riecker
1349 kB
Memorial to Professor (Fredrik) William H. Zachariasen
Robert A. Penneman
1437 kB

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