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Los Alamos Science No. 2, Winter/Spring 1981

Airborne Experiments on the Solar Corona, The Science of High Explosives, The Boundary Layer Problem in Fluid Flow, & More...

This volume displays the extraordinary focus on basic research that has remained a LANL hallmark from the days of the Manhattan Project.

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The Solar Corona at Totality
Charles F. Keller, Jr., and Donald Liebenberg
6287 kB
In Flight: The Story of Los Alamos Eclipse Missions
Barb Mulkin
1265 kB
High Explosives: The Interaction of Chemistry and Mechanics
William C. Davis
3108 kB
A Novel Approach to Boundary Layer Problems
Carl Bender
1567 kB
The Neutrino in 1980
Thomas J. Bowles and Margaret L. Silbar
2688 kB
Neutrinos in Cosmology and Astrophysics
Edward W. Kolb, Jr.
81 kB
Neutrinos and Grand Unified Theories
Terrence J. Goldman
590 kB
The New Los Alamos Center for Nonlinear Studies
David K. Campbell and Basil Nichols
977 kB
IGPP Workshop Report: Plasma Physics Near the Earth’s Bow Shock
S. Peter Gary
1075 kB
Physics, Philosophy, Leadership, Policy: An Interview with Peter Carruthers
Leonard M. Simmons, Jr., and Geoffrey B. West
1540 kB

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