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Los Alamos Science No. 3, Summer/Fall 1981

Reactor Safety

This volume, produced shortly after the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor, presents a detailed analysis of the accident by Los Alamos researchers as well as discussions of reactor safety for both traditional light water reactors as well as fast breeder reactors. LANL expertise in reactor-safety analysis and multiphase fluid-flow simulation is amply demonstrated through tutorial-like presentations.

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A Primer on Reactor Safety Analysis
Michael G. Stevenson and James F. Jackson
3517 kB
Two-Phase Flow
Dennis R. Liles
1188 kB
Accident Simulation with TRAC
John C. Vigil and Richard J. Pryor
2357 kB
Detailed Studies of Reactor Components
Anthony A. Amsden, Bart J. Daly, John K. Dienes. And John R. Travis
2971 kB
Three Mile Island and Multiple-Failure Accidents
John R. Ireland, James H. Scott, and William R. Stratton
3902 kB
Three Mile Island: Aftermath and Impact
Jay E. Boudreau
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Breeder Reactor Safety Modeling the Impossible
Charles R. Bell
3170 kB
The American Breeder Program Gets a Second Chance
Jay E. Boudreau
17 kB
Keeping Reactors Safe from Sabotage
William A. Bradley, Roy A. Haarman, and Donald G. Rose
2341 kB
The Structural Integrity of Reactors
Charles A. Anderson and Joel G. Bennett
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Low-Level Radiation How Harmful is it?
Roger C. Eckhardt
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The View from San Diego: Harold Agnew Speaks Out
Barb Mulkin
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