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Los Alamos Science No. 4, Winter/Spring 1982

Molecular Laser Isotope Separation

Laser photochemistry, the interaction of lasers with molecules, became an important area of research at Los Alamos in the early 1970s. This volume reports on the attempts to use this technique as a means to produce enriched uranium.

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Separating Isotopes with Lasers
Reed J. Jenson, O’Dean P. Judd, and J. Allan Sullivan
4906 kB
Footnotes to A Program: Laser Isotope Separation
Judith M. Lathrop
497 kB
The Modern Revolution in Infrared Spectroscopy
Robin S. McDowell, Chris W. Patterson, and William G. Harter
5088 kB
Multiple-Photon Excitation
John L. Lyman, Harold W. Galbraith, and Jay R. Ackerhalt
3854 kB
Bernd Matthias: A Personal Memoir
Paul R. Stein
1803 kB

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