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Los Alamos Science No. 5, Summer 1982

Gamma-Ray Bursts, A Nuclear Microprobe of Materials, A Possible Connection between Solar Variability and Terrestrial Climate Change

The three exciting research projects presented here are shown to have surprising roots in weapons-related research and development.

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Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts A Continuing Mystery
Ray W. Klebesadel, W. Doyle Evans, Edward E. Fenimore, John G. Laros, and James Terell
3717 kB
The Weapons-Test Connection
Roger C. Eckhardt
294 kB
The Nuclear Microprobe - Investigating Surfaces with Ions
Carl J. Maggiore
4184 kB
Solar Variability, Glacial Epochs, and Solar Neutrinos
George A. Cowan and Wick C. Haxton
2246 kB
The War of Time Against The Soul of Man: An Interview with Mark W. Bitensky, M.D.
Judith M. Lathrop
1202 kB

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