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Los Alamos Science No. 6, Fall 1982

Hans Bethe on the History of the H-Bomb, An Interview with Stan Ulam and Marc Kac, Chaos in Deterministic Systems, & More...

Hans Bethe's memo, republished here, was aimed at refuting the notion the J. Robert Oppenheimer had delayed the development of thermonuclear weapons. Other articles focus on topics in nonlinear science and bioscience

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Through the Looking Glass with Phase Conjugation
Barry J. Feldman, Irving J. Bigio, Robert A. Fisher, Claude R. Phipps, Jr., David E. Watkins, and Scott J. Thomas
3028 kB
The On and Off of Human Allergies
Byron Goldstein and Micah Dembo
4553 kB
Comments on the History of the H-Bomb
Hans A. Bethe
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Reflections of the Polish Masters: An Interview with Stan Ulam and Mark Kac
Mitchell Feigenbaum
2375 kB
Order in Chaos: Review of the CNLS Conference on Chaos in Deterministic Systems
David Campell, Doyne Farmer, and Harvey Rose
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Editio Popularis
Compiled by Barb Mulkin
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