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Los Alamos Science No. 7, Winter/Spring 1983

The Evolution of the Laboratory

In 1983 many of the pioneers who helped develop the first fission and thermonuclear bombs were still at LANL and able to relay their first-hand experiences. This volume is filled with their stories and insights into the scientific and technological developments that grew from the nuclear weapons work.

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Cover and Table of Contents

680 kB
The Oppenheimer Years 1943-1945
Compiled by Judith M. Lathrop
2504 kB
The Bradbury Years 1943-1945
Norris Bradbury
5564 kB
LAMPF: A Dream and a Gamble
Louis Rosen as told to Nancy Shera
2419 kB
Magnetic Fusion
James A Phillips
887 kB
The Agnew Years 1970-1979: Vintage Agnew
Excerpts from speeches by Harold Agnew between 1966-1977
251 kB
The Times They Were a Changin’
An Interview with Raemer Schreiber and Bob Thorn
1280 kB
The Laser Programs
Keith Boyer
185 kB
The Reactor Safety Program
Kaye D. Lathrop
172 kB
The Nuclear Safeguards Program
Compiled by Darryl B. Smith
367 kB
The Hot Dry Rock Program
Morton C. Smith
437 kB
The Kerr Years 1979-
Donald M. Kerr
4944 kB
The Weapons Program: Overview
C. Paul Robinson
637 kB
Nuclear Data – The Numbers Needed to Design the Bombs
Ben C. Diven, John H. Manley, and Richard F. Taschek
2070 kB
Early Reactors – From Fermi’s Water Boiler to Novel Power Prototypes
Merle E. Bunker
1647 kB
Computing and Computers – Weapons Simulation Leads to the Computer Era
Francis H. Harlow and N. Metropolis
2457 kB
Plutonium – A Wartime Nightmare but a Metallurgist’s Dream
Richard D. Baker, Siegfried S. Hecker, and Delbert R. Harbur
2318 kB
Criticality – A Fine Line of Control
Hugh C. Paxton
1819 kB
Weapon Design – We’ve Done a Lot but We Can’t Say Much
Carson Mark, Raymond E. Hunter, and Jacob J. Wechsler
838 kB
Field Testing – The Physical Proof of Design Principles
Bob Campbell, Ben Diven, John McDonald, Bill Ogle, and Tom Scolman
3693 kB

1073 kB
The British Mission
Dennis C. Fakley
862 kB
Seven Hours of Reminiscences
Edward Teller
219 kB

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