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Los Alamos Science No. 8, Summer 1983

Nuclear Chemistry

The evolution of nuclear and radiochemistry at Los Alamos is a story that reflects the growth and development of the Laboratory itself. The essential role of nuclear chemistry in diagnosing the performance of nuclear weapons during both aboveground and underground tests led to a rich program in basic and applied research in medicine, geochemistry, atmospheric studies, and the migration and containment of nuclear wastes. This volume also discusses the use of magnetic resonance imaging (formerly called nuclear magnetic resonance) to trace basic metabolic pathways.

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Tracking the Isotopes
Jere D. Knight and James E. Sattizahn
3497 kB
Migration of Radioisotopes in the Earth’s Crust
Written by Roger Eckhardt for the Isotope and Nuclear Chemistry Division
3132 kB
Metabolism as it Happens
James R. Brainard, Judith Y. Hutson, Robert E. London, and Nicolas A. Matwiyoff
5110 kB
What Lies Ahead
Daleane C. Hoffman
151 kB
Darleane Christian Hoffman
Judith M. Lathrop
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