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Los Alamos Science No. 10, Spring 1984

Nonlinear Protein Dynamics, Solar Wind Interactions with the Magnetosphere, & Discovery of Exotic Superconductors

The topics in this volume represent areas of ongoing interest at LANL: the structure and function of proteins, satellite studies of the earth's environment, and the nature of superconductivity.

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Solitons in Biology
Peter S. Lomdahl, Scott P. Layne, and Irving J. Bigio
3728 kB
Journeys of a Spacecraft
John T. Gosling, Daniel N. Baker, and Edward W. Hones, Jr.
4126 kB
p-State Superconductivity?
Gregory R. Stewart, Zachary Fisk, Jeffrey O. Willis, and James L. Smith
1867 kB
Straight Man for Nonlinearity
An Interview with Alwyn Scott
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