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Los Alamos Science No. 11, summer/fall 1984

Particle Physics

During the second half of the 20th century, the field of elementary particle physics brought a major new understanding of the world at the smallest scales. That knowledge, summarized in the so-called Standard Model of particle physics, has remained valid for over 25 years. This volume is a tutorial by members of LANL's Theoretical Division that explains to scientists outside of the field the most important ideas of the Standard Model. It also includes speculations on extensions of the Standard Model to include the effects of gravity. The most accessible piece in the volume is an informal discussion about personal views and experiences in the particle physics enterprise.

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Cover and Table of Contents

462 kB
Scale and Dimension From Animals to Quarks
Geoffrey B. West
3210 kB
Particle Physics and the Standard Model
Stuart Ruby, Richard C. Slansky, and Geoffrey B. West
7423 kB
Lecture Notes From Simple Field Theories to the Standard Model
Richard C. Slansky
3693 kB
Toward a Unified Theory: An Essay on the Role of Supergravity in the Search for Unification
Richard C. Slansky
2841 kB
Supersymmetry at 100 GeV
Stuart Ruby
2841 kB
The Family Problem
T. Goldman and Michael Martin Nieto
1952 kB
Experiments to Test Unification Schemes
Gary H. Sanders
4049 kB
The March Toward Higher Energies
S. Peter Rosen
1584 kB
Science Underground: the Search for Rare Events
L. M. Simmons, Jr.
2396 kB
Quarks and Quirks Among Friends
A round table with Peter A. Carruthers, Stuart Ruby, Richard C. Slansky, Geoffrey B. West, and George Zweig
2725 kB

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