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Los Alamos Science No. 12, spring/summer 1985

Laser-Plasma Interactions, Numerical Simulations of Supersonic Jets, & DNA Libraries

Articles in this 1985 volume contain harbingers of the future: early numerical simulations that foreshadowed the revolution in supercomputing and visualization, early DNA studies that foreshadowed the Human Genome Project, and a dialogue on mathematics, philosophy, and artificial intelligence that predicts an expanding awareness of the role of intention and choice in the human condition.

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178 kB
Photon Impact—High-Energy Plasma Physics with C02 Lasers
David W. Forslund and Phillip D. Goldstone
5298 kB
KrF Laser—The Advance toward Shorter Wavelengths
Reed J. Jensen
1589 kB
Supersonic Jets
Michael L. Norman and Karl-Heinz A. Winkler
7879 kB
Genes by Mail
An interview with L. Scott Cram, Larry L. Deaven, Carl E. Hildebrand, Robert K. Moyzis, and Marvin Van Dilla
4619 kB
Mathematics, Philosophy, and Artificial Intelligence
A dialogue with Gian-Carlo Rota and David Sharp
2719 kB

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