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Los Alamos Science No. 14, Fall 1986

Natural Heat Engine

Natural heat engines were the passion of the late John Wheatley, one of the greatest low-temperature physicists of the 20th century. Natural engines have no moving parts, making them ideal for applications in space. John Wheatley loved them because they could be fully understood using classical thermodynamics. In a roundtable, his colleagues bring to life Wheatley's unique style of work and dedication. Other topics in this volume include the application of photoconductivity to ultra-fast electronic devices, LANL-sponsored geothermal energy projects in the Caribbean Basin, and finally Herb Anderson's tribute to Nick Metropolis. Metropolis is famous for designing the MANIAC, one of the first digital computers and for greatly improving the effectiveness of the Monte Carlo method, an extremely useful numerical technique invented at Los Alamos that employs statistical sampling to simulate the results of complicated physical phenomena.

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The Natural Heat Engine
John C. Wheatley, Gregory W. Swift, and Albert Migliori
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John Wheatley (1927-1986): Pushing the Limits
A round table with Gordon Baym, Al Clogston, Sig Hecker, Matti Krusius, Al Migliori, David Pines, and Greg Swift
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Photoconductivity and Picosecond Signals
Robert B. Hammond
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Caribbean Basin Proyecto
An interview with Robert J. Hanold and Verne W. Loose
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Metropolis, Monte Carlo, and the MANIAC
Herbert L. Anderson
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