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Los Alamos Science No. 15, 1987

Special Issue, Stanislaw Ulam 1909-1984

Stan Ulam, brilliant mathematician, participant in the Manhattan Project, and co-inventor of the hydrogen bomb, was one of those extraordinary men who solidified LANL's early reputation. Stan left a legacy in mathematics, physics, and biology, reflecting his immense intelligence and gift for abstraction. He was a catalyst for new programs at LANL and offered novel ideas even to fields he knew little about. In this volume, mathematicians and physicists who were very close to Stan describe his influence on their way of thinking. Their own contributions to fields in which Stan played a seminal role-from probability theory and nonlinear systems to the Monte Carlo method, heuristic mathematics, and DNA sequence analysis- were also discussed. In the closing section of this volume, called "The Ulam Touch-Unpublished Items," the reader gets a direct feel for Ulam's irrepressible wit and imagination.

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Cover and Table of Contents

462 kB
Stan Ulam: Esquisse
Francoise Ulam
815 kB
Stan Ulam: Vita—Excerpts from Adventures of a Mathematician
S. M. Ulam
3389 kB
Stan Ulam: The Lost Cafe
Gian-Carlo Rota
1585 kB
Stan Ulam: From Above the Fray
Carson Mark
190 kB
The Ulam Legacy: Mathematics

1512 kB
The Spirit of Play--A Memoir for Stan Ulam
David Hawkins
1448 kB
Probability and Nonlinear Systems
R. Daniel Mauldin
3949 kB
Iteration of Maps, Strange Attractors, and Number Theory--An Ulamian Potpourri
Paul R. Stein
1783 kB
Learning from Ulam: Measurable Cardinals, Ergodicity, and Biomathematics
Jan Mycielski
1141 kB
A Similarity Measure for Graphs—Reflections on a Theme of Ulam
Ronald L. Graham
803 kB
The Ulam Legacy: Physics

931 kB
The Beginning of the Monte Carlo Method
N. Metropolis
899 kB
Stan Ulam, John von Neumann, and the Monte Carlo Method
Roger Eckhardt
1404 kB
Early Work in Numerical Hydrodynamics
Francis H. Harlow
13 kB
Instabilities and Turbulence
Didier Besnard, Francis H. Harlow, Norman L. Johnson, Rick Rauenzahn, and Jonathan Wolfe
4837 kB
Discrete Fluids
Brosl Hasslacher
6142 kB
Nonlinear Science-From Paradigms to Practicalities
David K. Campbell
5747 kB
The Ergodic Hypothesis: A Complicated Problem of Mathematics and Physics
Adrian Patrascioiu
1948 kB
The Ulam Legacy: Biology

835 kB
Reflections on the Brain’s Attempts To Understand Itself
S. M. Ulam
714 kB
Sequence Analysis—Contributions by Ulam to Molecular Genetics
Walter B. Goad
218 kB
The Ulam Touch

447 kB
A Memorable Memo
J. Carson Mark and S. M. Ulam
72 kB
Sub Rosa--A Trialogue
S. M. Ulam
367 kB
Conversations with Rota
transcribed and edited by Francoise Ulam
94 kB
The Publications of Stanislaw M. Ulam

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