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Los Alamos Science No. 17, 1989

National Security Issue

This volume, published prior to the end of the Cold War, reports on a national security conference aimed at predicting the future of nuclear weapons. While the participants did not predict the demise of the Soviet Union, they did foresee the more limited role for nuclear weapons in the US military posture, the increased emphasis on conventional warfare, and the rise of Japan and China. The increased reliance on conventional weapons predicted in this volume became explicit US policy in 2002 following the Nuclear Posture Review.

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The Future of Nuclear Weapons – The Next Three Decades: An Introduction
Paul C. White
1327 kB
The Future of Nuclear Weapons – Debating the Future
Patrick J. Garrity and Robert F. Pendley
2972 kB
The Future of Nuclear Weapons – The Laboratory View
With Sig Hecker, Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory
1188 kB
Armor/Anti-Armor—Materials by Design
Donald J .Sandstrom
2488 kB
ATAC and the Armor/Anti-Armor Program
Richard Mah and Phyllis Martell
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