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Los Alamos Science No. 19, 1990

Neutron Scattering

Neutrons have been used to probe the structure of materials since nuclear reactors became a good source of neutrons. In 1975, LANL became a leader in the field when it began the user program at LANSCE, an intense pulsed spallation neutron source, powered by an 800 MeV linear accelerator. The field of neutron scattering was still relatively young, and this volume sought to introduce the field to a wider audience. A primer explains the techniques and applications of neutron scattering, while specialized, pedagogical articles explain how neutron scattering is used to deduce protein and crystal structure and can also be used to study catalytic systems and superfluid helium. The closing article is a tutorial on Bayesian data analysis and its application to neutron scattering data.

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250 kB
Neutron Scattering – A Primer
Roger Pynn
3721 kB
Mathematical Foundations of Neutron Scattering

235 kB
Putting Neutrons in Perspective: An Interview with Roger Pynn

1762 kB
LANSCE—A Facility for Users
Dianne K. Hyer and Roger Pynn
2358 kB
Biology on the Scale of Neglected Dimensions
Jill Trewhella
2901 kB
Ferrofluids-A New Alignment Technique

660 kB
Neutrons, Sludge Physics, and the Liberty Bell
Roger Pynn
2745 kB
Neutrons and Catalysis
Juergen Eckert and Phillip J. Vergamini
1899 kB
X-Ray and Neutron Crystallography—A Powerful Combination
Robert B. Von Dreele
2412 kB
Crystal Symmetry Groups

98 kB
Superfluid Helium and Neutron Scattering: A New Chapter in the Condensate Saga
Richard N. Silver
2384 kB
How Final-State Effects Were Really Calculated

38 kB
Bayesian Inductive Inference, Maximum Entropy, and Neutron Scattering
Devinderjit Singh Sivia
2472 kB

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