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Los Alamos Science No. 20, 1992

The Human Genome Project

The human genome, the DNA content in each of our cells, presents us with a vast frontier containing answers to many questions about how we evolved, how we are related to other living things, and how we differ from one another. The Human Genome Project is opening up that territory to our understanding. LANL scientists were instrumental in getting the DOE involved in this project and in this volume present an introduction to the tools of genetics and molecular biology and to the philosophy and early accomplishments of the Project. At the time the volume was written, scientists and the public were anticipating the new genetic knowledge while physicians, lawyers, social scientists, and philosophers were anticipating the impact of that information on our institutions, our health care, and our individual lives. As the cover illustration suggests, the Human Genome Project is ushering in a future in which we are more aware of both our human potential and limitation.

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Cover page and Editor’s Note

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The Los Alamos Center for Human Genome Studies

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Table of Contents

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Understanding Inheritance: An Introduction to Classical and Molecular Genetics
Robert P. Wagner
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Mapping the Genome: The Vision, the Science, The Implementation; What is the Genome Project?
A round table with David Baltimore, David Botstein, David R. Cox, David J. Galas, Leroy Hood, Robert K. Moyzis, Maynard V. Olson, Nancy S. Wexler, and Norton D. Ziner
6968 kB
Maps, Markers, and the Five-Year Goals

7882 kB
Technological Challenges in the Genome Project

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Implications for Biology and Society

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The Mapping of Chromosome 16
Norman A. Doggett
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DNA Libraries: Recombinant Clones for Mapping and Sequencing
Larry L. Deaven
6671 kB
Computation and the Genome Project – A Shotgun Wedding
James W. Fickett
6675 kB
Rapid DNA Sequencing Based on Single-Molecule Detection
Lloyd M. Davis, Frederick R. Fairfield, Mark L. Hammond, Carol A. Harger, James H. Jett, Richard A. Keller, et. Al
2889 kB
Members of the Human Genome Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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ELSI: Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project
Gerald Friedman and Richard Reichelt
1667 kB
An Invitation to Genetics in the 21st Gentury
A round table with David Baltimore, David Botstein, Leon Botstein, Robert K. Moyzis, James D. Watson, Nancy S. Wexler
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Human Genome Project Glossary

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