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Los Alamos Science No. 22, 1994

High Performance Computing

LANL has been at the forefront of scientific computing since before the invention of electronic computers. For several decades it collaborated with industry on the development of large-scale computers and in the early 1990's helped initiate the shift to massively parallel computing. LANL also pioneered the development of powerful algorithms for computations and simulations in the physical sciences. Beginning with a tutorial explaining how computers work, this volume covers some of LANL's best known software contributions, including a Monte Carlo code for particle transport, molecular dynamics software for materials science, and advanced tree codes for simulating the evolution of the universe. Finally, Paul Ginsparg, the creator of xxx.lanl.gov, discusses the motivation for the first electronic research archive.

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Cover and Table of Contents

555 kB
Windows on Computing: New Initiatives at Los Alamos
David W. Forslund, Charles A. Slocomb, and Ira A. Agins
693 kB
Collaborations with Industry on Parallel Computing
Bruce R. Wienke
56 kB
How Computers Work: An Introduction to Serial, Vector, and Parallel Computers
Gerald A. Friedman, Douglas D. Lemon, and Tony T. Warnock
186 kB
HIPPI – The First Standard for High-Performance Networking
Stephen C. Tenbrink and Donald E. Tolmie
38 kB
A Monte Carlo Code for Particle Transport – An Algorithm for All Seasons
John S. Hendricks
2047 kB
State-of-the-Art Parallel Computing – Molecular Dynamics on the Connection Machine
Peter S. Lomdahl and David M. Beazley
2676 kB
Experimental Cosmology and the Puzzle of Large-Scale Structure
Wojciech H. Zurek and Michael S. Warren
3449 kB
Big Bang Cosmology and the Microwave Background
Salman Habib and Raymond J. Laflamme
90 kB
A Fast Tree Code for Many-Body Problems
Michael S. Warren and John K. Salmon
417 kB
Lattice-Boltzmann Fluid Dynamics – A Versatile Tool for Multiphase and Other Complicated Flows
Shiyi Chen, Gary D. Doolen, and Kenneth G. Eggert
1030 kB
Equations of the Lattice-Boltzmann Method

89 kB
Toward Improved Prediction of Reservoir Flow Performance —Simulating Oil and Water Flows at the Pore Scale
John J. Buckles, Randy D. Hazlett, Shiyi Chen, Kenneth G. Eggert, Daryl W. Grunau, Wendy E. Soll
1538 kB
Concept Extraction – A Data Mining Technique
Vance Faber, Judith G. Hochberg, Patrick M. Kelly, Timothy R. Thomas, James M. White
4039 kB
Clustering and the Continuous k-Means Algorithm
Vance Faber
111 kB
The Digital Village Initiative
John D. MacCuish, Susan M. Mniszewski, Gregory E. Shannon, and Bonnie C. Yantis
758 kB
@xxx.lanl.gov — First Steps Toward Electronic Research Communication
Paul H. Ginsparg
481 kB

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