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Los Alamos Science No. 23, 1995

Radiation Protection and the Human Radiation Experiments

Many people have a great fear of radiation with very little understanding about what it is and how its effects vary with dose. Research on the health effects of radiation has been a priority at Los Alamos from the Manhattan Project to the present. The first section of this volume introduces the average reader to radiation and its properties, radiation and its relationship to cancer, and the epidemiology of radiation exposure. The second section relates the experiences of LANL plutonium workers who had accidental intakes of this reactor-produced element and highlights the ongoing efforts at LANL to understand and mitigate the effects of exposure. Finally, the last section sets the record straight on the 1944 government-run experiments, publicized during the 1993 DOE openness initiative, which involved plutonium uptake by human subjects. This volume lays out the Laboratory's involvement in those experiments, why they were done, what was learned, and what happened to the subjects.

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Cover and Contents

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Comments from the Director
Siegfried S. Hecker
29 kB
Ionizing Radiation—It’s Everywhere!
Roger Eckhardt
1088 kB
Radiation, Cell Cycle, and Cancer
Richard J. Reynolds, Jay A. Schecker
2801 kB
Radiation and Risk: A Hard Look at the Data
Mario E. Schillaci
676 kB
A Brief History of Radiation Protection Standards
William C. Inkret, John C. Taschner, Charles B. Meinhold
238 kB
On the Front Lines—A Roundtable with Los Alamos Plutonium Workers Past and Present

1664 kB
Plutonium Metal: The First Gram
Ed Hammel
119 kB
The Future of Plutonium Technology
Dana Christensen
291 kB
Introduction to the Human Studies Project
William C. Inkret
82 kB
The Human Plutonium Injection Experiments
William Moss, Roger Eckhardt
1084 kB
Radium: The Benchmark for Internal Alpha Emitters

234 kB
A True Measure of Plutonium Exposure: The Human Tissue Analysis Program at Los Alamos
James F. McInroy
530 kB
Authorization and Collection of Tissues

15 kB
The Cecil Kelley Criticality Accident: The Origin of the Los Alamos Human Tissue Analysis Program

18 kB
The Karen Silkwood Story: What We Know at Los Alamos

21 kB
Tracer Studies at Los Alamos and the Birth of Nuclear Medicine
George L. Voelz, Donald Petersen, as told to Debra A. Daugherty
530 kB
Child Volunteers: One Dad Tells the Story
Donald Petersen
78 kB
Los Alamos Radiation Detectors for Biology and Medicine

157 kB
Ethics: “Ethical Harm” and the Plutonium Injection Experiments
Michael S. Yesley
39 kB
Art and Photo Credits

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