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Los Alamos Science No. 25, 1997

Celebrating the Neutrino

Starting with the Nobel-prize winning discovery of the neutrino in 1956 by Fred Reines and Clyde Cowan, Jr., LANL has made numerous contributions to neutrino physics and astrophysics. This volume puts these contributions in perspective while exploring the relationship between neutrino oscillation and non-zero neutrino masses. Articles on the Los Alamos LSND neutrino oscillation experiment, the search for the missing solar neutrinos at SNO, neutrinos in supernovae, and massive neutrinos in dark matter highlight the central role of the neutrino in frontier physics.

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Table of Contents

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Celebrating the Neutrino

97 kB
Reines-Cowan Experiments—Detecting the Poltergeist
Fred Reines, Clyde Cowan, Jr.
664 kB
The Oscillating Neutrino—An Introduction to Neutrino Masses and Mixing
Richard Slansky, Stuart Raby, Terry Goldman, Gerry Garvey, as told to Necia Grant Cooper
640 kB
Neutrino Masses—How to Add Them to the Standard Model
Stuart Raby, Richard Slansky
81 kB
Family Mixing and the Origin of Mass-The Difference between Weak Eigenstates and Mass Eigenstates
Stuart Raby
76 kB
A Brief History of Neutrino Experiments at LAMPF
Gerry Garvey
458 kB
Tritium Beta Decay and the Search for Neutrino Mass
Tom Bowles, R. G. Hamish Robertson, as told to David Kestenbaum
173 kB
A Thousand Eyes—The Story of LSND
Bill Louis, Vern Sandberg, Hywel White, as told to David Kestenbaum
982 kB
The Evidence for Oscillations
Bill Louis, Vern Sandberg, Gerry Garvey, Hywel White, Geoffrey Mills, Rex Tayloe
182 kB
The Nature of Neutrinos in Muon Decay and Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Peter Herczeg
109 kB
Exorcising Ghosts—In Pursuit of the Missing Solar Neutrinos
Andrew Hime
492 kB
The Russian-American Gallium Experiment
Tom Bowles
96 kB
MSW—A Possible Solution to the Solar-Neutrino Problem
S. Peter Rosen
108 kB
Neutrinos and Supernovae
Mark Herant, Stirling Colgate, Willy Benz, Chris Fryer
1864 kB
Dark Matter and Massive Neutrinos
Salmon Habib
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