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Los Alamos Science is a science journal distributed world-wide that presents the most exciting research at LANL. Articles are designed to communicate technical insights to a broad audience. Issues are published once or twice a year and often emphasize single themes. Recent themes include radiation and the human radiation experiments, the human genome, high-performance computing, and collaborations between Russian and American nuclear institutes.

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LANSCE into the Future

Los Alamos Science No. 30, 2006

LA Science 30: LANSCE into the Future

Stretching out along the mesa from west to east is the half-mile long linear acceleartor, the heart of LANSCE. This high-intensity proton accelerator powers LANSCE's many experimental facilities including the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center and the Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) Facility. In the last five years, LANSCE's contributions to national security have become increasingly important, including proton radiography movies of dynamic events, nuclear data on short-lived isotopes, and materials science data for determining weapon component lifetimes. During the same period, the number of external users contributing to international science has nearly tripled.

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