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Memorial to Professor (Fredrik) William H. Zachariasen [No.1 1980]
Robert A. Penneman
1437 kB
In Flight: The Story of Los Alamos Eclipse Missions [No.2 1981]
Barb Mulkin
1265 kB
Physics, Philosophy, Leadership, Policy: An Interview with Peter Carruthers [No.2 1981]
Leonard M. Simmons, Jr., and Geoffrey B. West
1540 kB
Three Mile Island and Multiple-Failure Accidents [No.3 1981]
John R. Ireland, James H. Scott, and William R. Stratton
3902 kB
Three Mile Island: Aftermath and Impact [No.3 1981]
Jay E. Boudreau
636 kB
The American Breeder Program Gets a Second Chance [No.3 1981]
Jay E. Boudreau
17 kB
The View from San Diego: Harold Agnew Speaks Out [No.3 1981]
Barb Mulkin
1366 kB
Footnotes to A Program: Laser Isotope Separation [No.4 1982]
Judith M. Lathrop
497 kB
Bernd Matthias: A Personal Memoir [No.4 1982]
Paul R. Stein
1803 kB
The Weapons-Test Connection [No.5 1982]
Roger C. Eckhardt
294 kB
The War of Time Against The Soul of Man: An Interview with Mark W. Bitensky, M.D. [No.5 1982]
Judith M. Lathrop
1202 kB
Comments on the History of the H-Bomb [No.6 1982]
Hans A. Bethe
2285 kB
Reflections of the Polish Masters: An Interview with Stan Ulam and Mark Kac [No.6 1982]
Mitchell Feigenbaum
2375 kB
The Oppenheimer Years 1943-1945 [No.7 1983]
Compiled by Judith M. Lathrop
2504 kB
The Bradbury Years 1943-1945 [No.7 1983]
Norris Bradbury
5564 kB
LAMPF: A Dream and a Gamble [No.7 1983]
Louis Rosen as told to Nancy Shera
2419 kB
Magnetic Fusion [No.7 1983]
James A Phillips
887 kB
The Agnew Years 1970-1979: Vintage Agnew [No.7 1983]
Excerpts from speeches by Harold Agnew between 1966-1977
251 kB
The Times They Were a Changin’ [No.7 1983]
An Interview with Raemer Schreiber and Bob Thorn
1280 kB
The Kerr Years 1979- [No.7 1983]
Donald M. Kerr
4944 kB
Nuclear Data – The Numbers Needed to Design the Bombs [No.7 1983]
Ben C. Diven, John H. Manley, and Richard F. Taschek
2070 kB
Early Reactors – From Fermi’s Water Boiler to Novel Power Prototypes [No.7 1983]
Merle E. Bunker
1647 kB
Computing and Computers – Weapons Simulation Leads to the Computer Era [No.7 1983]
Francis H. Harlow and N. Metropolis
2457 kB
Plutonium – A Wartime Nightmare but a Metallurgist’s Dream [No.7 1983]
Richard D. Baker, Siegfried S. Hecker, and Delbert R. Harbur
2318 kB
Criticality – A Fine Line of Control [No.7 1983]
Hugh C. Paxton
1819 kB
Weapon Design – We’ve Done a Lot but We Can’t Say Much [No.7 1983]
Carson Mark, Raymond E. Hunter, and Jacob J. Wechsler
838 kB
The British Mission [No.7 1983]
Dennis C. Fakley
862 kB
Seven Hours of Reminiscences [No.7 1983]
Edward Teller
219 kB
Tracking the Isotopes [No.8 1983]
Jere D. Knight and James E. Sattizahn
3497 kB
What Lies Ahead [No.8 1983]
Daleane C. Hoffman
151 kB
Darleane Christian Hoffman [No.8 1983]
Judith M. Lathrop
680 kB
GenBank – and its promise for molecular genetics [No.9 1983]
Walter B. Goad
1943 kB
Straight Man for Nonlinearity [No.10 1984]
An Interview with Alwyn Scott
1582 kB
Quarks and Quirks Among Friends [No.11 1984]
A round table with Peter A. Carruthers, Stuart Ruby, Richard C. Slansky, Geoffrey B. West, and George Zweig
2725 kB
Mathematics, Philosophy, and Artificial Intelligence [No.12 1985]
A dialogue with Gian-Carlo Rota and David Sharp
2719 kB
John Wheatley (1927-1986): Pushing the Limits [No.14 1986]
A round table with Gordon Baym, Al Clogston, Sig Hecker, Matti Krusius, Al Migliori, David Pines, and Greg Swift
2434 kB
Caribbean Basin Proyecto [No.14 1986]
An interview with Robert J. Hanold and Verne W. Loose
6248 kB
Metropolis, Monte Carlo, and the MANIAC [No.14 1986]
Herbert L. Anderson
2113 kB
Stan Ulam: Esquisse [No.15 1987]
Francoise Ulam
815 kB
Stan Ulam: Vita—Excerpts from Adventures of a Mathematician [No.15 1987]
S. M. Ulam
3389 kB
Stan Ulam: The Lost Cafe [No.15 1987]
Gian-Carlo Rota
1585 kB
Stan Ulam: From Above the Fray [No.15 1987]
Carson Mark
190 kB
The Spirit of Play--A Memoir for Stan Ulam [No.15 1987]
David Hawkins
1448 kB
Probability and Nonlinear Systems [No.15 1987]
R. Daniel Mauldin
3949 kB
Iteration of Maps, Strange Attractors, and Number Theory--An Ulamian Potpourri [No.15 1987]
Paul R. Stein
1783 kB
Learning from Ulam: Measurable Cardinals, Ergodicity, and Biomathematics [No.15 1987]
Jan Mycielski
1141 kB
A Similarity Measure for Graphs—Reflections on a Theme of Ulam [No.15 1987]
Ronald L. Graham
803 kB
The Beginning of the Monte Carlo Method [No.15 1987]
N. Metropolis
899 kB
Stan Ulam, John von Neumann, and the Monte Carlo Method [No.15 1987]
Roger Eckhardt
1404 kB
Early Work in Numerical Hydrodynamics [No.15 1987]
Francis H. Harlow
13 kB
Reflections on the Brain’s Attempts To Understand Itself [No.15 1987]
S. M. Ulam
714 kB
Sequence Analysis—Contributions by Ulam to Molecular Genetics [No.15 1987]
Walter B. Goad
218 kB
A Memorable Memo [No.15 1987]
J. Carson Mark and S. M. Ulam
72 kB
Sub Rosa--A Trialogue [No.15 1987]
S. M. Ulam
367 kB
Conversations with Rota [No.15 1987]
transcribed and edited by Francoise Ulam
94 kB
Cosmology of Life and Mind [No.16 1988]
George Wald
1841 kB
Unsolved Problems-A Morning of Questions and Answers [No.16 1988]
Mark Bitensky
1902 kB
The Future of Nuclear Weapons – The Next Three Decades: An Introduction [No.17 1989]
Paul C. White
1327 kB
The Future of Nuclear Weapons – Debating the Future [No.17 1989]
Patrick J. Garrity and Robert F. Pendley
2972 kB
The Future of Nuclear Weapons – The Laboratory View [No.17 1989]
With Sig Hecker, Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory
1188 kB
Putting Neutrons in Perspective: An Interview with Roger Pynn [No.19 1990]

1762 kB
The Los Alamos Center for Human Genome Studies [No.20 1992]

419 kB
Mapping the Genome: The Vision, the Science, The Implementation; What is the Genome Project? [No.20 1992]
A round table with David Baltimore, David Botstein, David R. Cox, David J. Galas, Leroy Hood, Robert K. Moyzis, Maynard V. Olson, Nancy S. Wexler, and Norton D. Ziner
6968 kB
Maps, Markers, and the Five-Year Goals [No.20 1992]

7882 kB
Technological Challenges in the Genome Project [No.20 1992]

3944 kB
Implications for Biology and Society [No.20 1992]

3792 kB
Members of the Human Genome Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory [No.20 1992]

1062 kB
ELSI: Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project [No.20 1992]
Gerald Friedman and Richard Reichelt
1667 kB
An Invitation to Genetics in the 21st Gentury [No.20 1992]
A round table with David Baltimore, David Botstein, Leon Botstein, Robert K. Moyzis, James D. Watson, Nancy S. Wexler
2878 kB
Perspectives on the Laboratory: Milestones in the History of Los Alamos National Laboratory [No.21 1993]

212 kB
Taking on the Future: Harold Agnew and the Los Alamos scientists discuss the potential of the Laboratory [No.21 1993]

535 kB
What is the Future of Los Alamos? [No.21 1993]
Hans A. Bethe
28 kB
The Laboratory of the Atomic Age [No.21 1993]
Edward Teller
94 kB
Bombs Away? [No.21 1993]
Jack Howard
28 kB
Déjà Vu All Over Again [No.21 1993]
Houston T. Hawkins
16 kB
Proliferation Challenges in Perspective [No.21 1993]
Joseph F. Pilat
61 kB
Russian-American Collaborations: The Transition to Peacetime Work [No.21 1993]
Stephen M. Younger
167 kB
Interview with Alexander Ivanovich Pavlovskii [No.21 1993]

192 kB
Probing the Structure of Matter: A History of Accelerators at Los Alamos [No.21 1993]
Richard A. Reichelt
634 kB
Science Policy and the Role of the National Laboratories [No.21 1993]
Robert W. Seidel
270 kB
Los Alamos: Beginning the Second Fifty Years [No.21 1993]
Siegfried S. Hecker
83 kB
Windows on Computing: New Initiatives at Los Alamos [No.22 1994]
David W. Forslund, Charles A. Slocomb, and Ira A. Agins
693 kB
A Brief History of Radiation Protection Standards [No.23 1995]
William C. Inkret, John C. Taschner, Charles B. Meinhold
238 kB
On the Front Lines—A Roundtable with Los Alamos Plutonium Workers Past and Present [No.23 1995]

1664 kB
Plutonium Metal: The First Gram [No.23 1995]
Ed Hammel
119 kB
Introduction to the Human Studies Project [No.23 1995]
William C. Inkret
82 kB
The Human Plutonium Injection Experiments [No.23 1995]
William Moss, Roger Eckhardt
1084 kB
Radium: The Benchmark for Internal Alpha Emitters [No.23 1995]

234 kB
A True Measure of Plutonium Exposure: The Human Tissue Analysis Program at Los Alamos [No.23 1995]
James F. McInroy
530 kB
Authorization and Collection of Tissues [No.23 1995]

15 kB
The Cecil Kelley Criticality Accident: The Origin of the Los Alamos Human Tissue Analysis Program [No.23 1995]

18 kB
The Karen Silkwood Story: What We Know at Los Alamos [No.23 1995]

21 kB
Tracer Studies at Los Alamos and the Birth of Nuclear Medicine [No.23 1995]
George L. Voelz, Donald Petersen, as told to Debra A. Daugherty
530 kB
Child Volunteers: One Dad Tells the Story [No.23 1995]
Donald Petersen
78 kB
Los Alamos Radiation Detectors for Biology and Medicine [No.23 1995]

157 kB
Ethics: “Ethical Harm” and the Plutonium Injection Experiments [No.23 1995]
Michael S. Yesley
39 kB
“Side-by-Side as Equals”–An Unprecedented Collaboration between the Russian and American Nuclear Weapons Laboratories to Reduce the Nuclear Danger [No.24 1996]
A round table with Sig Hecker, Steve Younger, Nerses Krikorian, Max Fowler, Don Eilers, Joe Pilat, Ron Augustson, Hugh Casey, Paul White, Irvin Lindemuth
1957 kB
Los Alamos and Arzamus-16: The "Sister-Cities" Relationship [No.24 1996]

172 kB
Russian-American MPC&A–Nuclear Materials Protection, Control, and Accounting in Russia [No.24 1996]
Ron Augustson, John Phillips, as told to Debra A. Daugherty
423 kB
Celebrating the Neutrino [No.25 1997]

97 kB
Reines-Cowan Experiments—Detecting the Poltergeist [No.25 1997]
Fred Reines, Clyde Cowan, Jr.
664 kB
A Brief History of Neutrino Experiments at LAMPF [No.25 1997]
Gerry Garvey
458 kB
In the Beginning [No.26 2000]
Siegfried S. Hecker
729 kB
A Factor of Millions-Why We Made Plutonium [No.26 2000]
Siegfried S. Hecker, André F. Michaudon, Ileana G. Buican
1750 kB
Plutonium in Use-From Single Atoms to Multiton Amounts [No.26 2000]
Siegfried S. Hecker
1261 kB
The Taming of "49"-Big Science in Little Time [No.26 2000]
Edward F. Hammel
605 kB
Reflections on the Legacy of a Legend-Glenn T. Seaborg [No.26 2000]
David L. Clark, David E. Hobart
562 kB
A Single-Crystal Saga [No.26 2000]
Roger L. Moment
511 kB
A Tale of Two Diagrams [No.26 2000]
Siegfried S. Hecker, Lidia F. Timofeeva
350 kB
John Wheeler on Quantum Theory and Information [No.27 2002]

510 kB
Richard Feynman on Quantum Physics and Computer Simulation [No.27 2002]

455 kB
People of the Hill - The Early Days [No.28 2003]
Harris Mayer
9726 kB
The Development of Flash Radiography [No.28 2003]
Gregory S. Cunningham, Christopher Morris
2048 kB
The LANSCE National User Facility [No.28 2003]
Thomas Wangler, Paul W. Lisowski
265 kB
Six Decades of Reducing Threats and Allaying Fears [No.28 2003]
Houston T. Hawkins
391 kB
LANSCE – Where Science Meets National Security [No.30 2006]
An Interview with Founder Louis Rosen
799 kB
How Single Hydrogen Atoms Came Into View [No.30 2006]
Benno P. Schoenborn
950 kB

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