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Los Alamos Science No. 29, 2005

Science-Based Prediction for Complex Systems

Improving predictive capability is an implicit goal in the major missions of Los Alamos National Laboratory: simulating performance of weapons in the stockpile, quantifying uncertainties in those simulations, and developing strategies to mitigate global threats. Success in achieving this goal depends on closely coordinating theory, experiment, and computer simulation.

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Los Alamos Science #29, Entire Issue
Necia Grant Cooper, Editor
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The Evolving Deterrent
Dwight Jaeger, John Pedicini
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Error Analysis and Simulations of Complex Phenomena
Michael A. Christie, James Glimm, John W. Grove, David M. Higdon, David H. Sharp, Merri M. Wood-Schultz
1495 kB
Reducing Uncertainty in Nuclear Data
Mark B. Chadwick, Patrick Talou, Toshihiko Kawano
1495 kB
The Ocean Perspective—Uncertainties in Climate Prediction
Rainer Bleck
958 kB
Predicting Risks in the Earth Sciences—Volcanological Examples
Greg Valentine
1522 kB
Quantum Molecular Dynamics—Simulating Warm, Dense Matter
Lee A. Collins, Joel D. Kress, Stephane F. Mazevet
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Predicting Material Strength, Damage, and Fracture—The Synergy between Experiment and Modeling
George T. (Rusty) Gray III, Paul J. Maudlin, Lawrence M. Hull, Q. Ken Zuo, Shuh-Rong Chen
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Complex Networks—The Challenge of Interaction Topology
Zoltán Toroczkai
2240 kB
Models of the Retina with Application to the Design of a Visual Prosthesis
Garrett T. Kenyon, John George, Bryan Travis, Krastan Blagoev
2558 kB
The Turbulence Problem—An Experimentalist’s Perspective
Robert Ecke
2760 kB
Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulence—Data Generation and Statistical Analysis
Susan Kurien, Mark A. Taylor
3132 kB
The LANS-a Model for Computing Turbulence—Origins, Results, and Open Problems
Darryl D. Holm, Chris Jeffery, Susan Kurien, Daniel Livescu, Mark A. Taylor, Beth A. Wingate
1715 kB
Taylor’s Hypothesis, Hamilton’s Principle, and the LANS-a Model for Computing Turbulence
Darryl D. Holm
309 kB
Field Theory and Statistical Hydrodynamics—The First Analytical Predictions of Anomalous Scaling
Misha Chertkov
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Physically Motivated Discretization Methods—A Strategy for Increased Predictiveness
Dana Knoll, Jim Morel, Len Margolin, Misha Shashkov
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