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Los Alamos Science No. 30, 2006

LANSCE into the Future

Stretching out along the mesa from west to east is the half-mile long linear acceleartor, the heart of LANSCE. This high-intensity proton accelerator powers LANSCE's many experimental facilities including the Lujan Neutron Scattering Center and the Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) Facility. In the last five years, LANSCE's contributions to national security have become increasingly important, including proton radiography movies of dynamic events, nuclear data on short-lived isotopes, and materials science data for determining weapon component lifetimes. During the same period, the number of external users contributing to international science has nearly tripled.

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About the Cover
Necia Grant Cooper
222 kB
Title Page

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Introductory Note
Susan J. Seestrom
52 kB
Table of Contents

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Back Cover

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LANSCE – A Key Facility for National Science and Defense
Kurt F. Schoenberg and Paul W. Lisowski
3591 kB
LANSCE – Where Science Meets National Security
An Interview with Founder Louis Rosen
799 kB
LANSCE and the Nuclear Weapons Program
Phil Goldstone
340 kB
Proton Radiography
Christopher Morris, John W. Hopson, and Phillip Goldstone
1211 kB
A New “Camera on a Chip” for pRad Movies
Kris Kwiatkowski, Nicholas King, and Vincent M. Douence
856 kB
Fundamental Nuclear Data for Pinning down the Performance of Nuclear Weapons
Robert C. Haight, Mark B. Chadwick, and David J. Vieira
2005 kB
Stardust and the Secrets of Heavy-Element Production
Rene Reifarth
1110 kB
Aging and Deformation of Uranium-Niobium Alloys
Donald W. Brown, Robert E. Hackenberg, David F. Teter, and Mark A. Bourke
1922 kB
Plutonium under Pressure: Introduction
James L. Smith and George Chapline
441 kB
Filling the Gap in Plutonium Properties - Studies at Intermediate Temperatures and Pressures
Albert Migliori, Alan J. Hurd, Yusheng Zhao, and Cristian Pantea
479 kB
Plutonium Magic
Angus Lawson
1536 kB
The Ice House – Neutron Testing Leads to More-Reliable Electronics
Bruce E. Takala
908 kB
Testing a Flight Control System for Neutron-Induced Disturbances
Celeste M. Belcastro, Kenneth Eure, and Richard Hess
712 kB
Accelerator Radioisotopes Save Lives – The Isotope Production Facility at Los Alamos
Eugene J. Peterson
2106 kB
The Role of LANSCE in the Nuclear Energy Future
Michael W. Cappiello and Dana C. Christensen
1319 kB
Storing Hydrogen in Crystalline Molecular Cages of Water
Konstantin A. Lokshin and Yusheng Zhao
959 kB
Introduction to Materials and Bioscience Neutron-Scattering Research
Alan J. Hurd and Dale W. Schaefer
610 kB
Unraveling the True Atomic Structures of Exotic Oxides
Thomas Proffen and Takeshi Egami
4274 kB
Pair Distribution Function for Nanoparticle Studies
Thomas E. Proffen, Katharine L. Page, Ram Seshadri, and Anthony Cheetham
650 kB
The Hydrophobic Effect – Why do Raindrops Slide off Leaves?
Dhaval A. Doshi, Erik B. Watkins, Jacob N. Israelachvili, and Jaroslaw Majewski
1184 kB
Anticorrosion Coatings – Can They Be Made without Chromium?
Dale W. Schaefer, Guirong Pan, and Wim van Ooij
799 kB
Origins of Spin Coupling across Interfaces
Michael Fitzsimmons and Sunil K. Sinha
990 kB
Finding out How Enzymes Work
Paul A. Langan
1207 kB
How Single Hydrogen Atoms Came Into View
Benno P. Schoenborn
950 kB
Overview of Fundamental Physics at LANSCE
Martin D. Cooper and W. Scott Wilburn
351 kB
Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron
Martin D. Cooper
607 kB
The NPDGamma Experiment
W. Scott Wilburn
396 kB
Neutron b-Decay and Precision Tests of the Standard Model
Takeyasu Ito and J. David Bowman
648 kB
The User Program at LANSCE – Serving the Nation and the Laboratory
Allen Hartford, Jr.
1391 kB

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