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Los Alamos Science No. 28, 2003

Celebrating 60 Years

This 60th anniversary review of LANL features the Laboratory's three overarching thrusts: nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship-a decade-long effort to develop the scientific base to certify the US stockpile in the absence of nuclear testing; threat reduction-a historic mission that includes assuring nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, reducing the threat of biological and chemical attacks, and insuring homeland security; and finally, strategic investments in the science of the future-an ongoing program to foster new ideas and integrate them into practical solutions for national security, energy independence, and economic stability.

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Cover, About the Cover

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Title Page, Preface, Table of Contents

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People of the Hill - The Early Days
Harris Mayer
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Nuclear Stewardship in the 21st Century

178 kB
Science-Based Stockpile Stewardship - An Overview
Raymond J. Juzaitis
107 kB
How Archival Test Data Contribute to Certification
Fred N. Mortensen, John M. Scott, Stirling A. Colgate
537 kB
QMU and Nuclear Weapons Certification - What's Under the Hood
David H. Sharp, Merri M. Wood-Schultz
192 kB
Weapon Certification - A Personal View
Donald R. McCoy
145 kB
The Pit Production Story
Douglas D. Kautz, David B. Mann, Richard G. Castro, Lawrence E. Lucero, Steven M. Dinehart
609 kB
Strategy for Small-Lot Manufacturing - In-Process Monitoring and Control
Vivek R. Davé, Daniel A. Jartman, William H. King, Mark J. Cola, Rajendra U. Vaidya
301 kB
The New World of the Nevada Test Site
Ghazar R. Papazian, Robert E. Reinovsky, Jerry N. Beatty
993 kB
The Development of Flash Radiography
Gregory S. Cunningham, Christopher Morris
2048 kB
The DARHT Camera
Scott A. Watson
557 kB
High-Explosives Performance - Understanding the Effects of a Finite-Length Reaction Zone
John b. Bdzil, Tariq D. Aslam, Rudolph Henninger, James J. Quirk
1479 kB
Damage Evolution in Ductile Materials - Developing a Quantitative and Predictive Understanding
Anna K. Zurek, W. Richards Thissell, carl P. Trujillo, Davis L. Tonks, Benjamin L. Henrie, Rhonald K. Keinigs
331 kB
Shock Compression Techniques for Developing Multiphase Equations of State
Robert S. Hixson, George T. Gray, Dennis B. Hayes
430 kB
ASCI - Big Engineering in the Field of Scientific Computing
James S. Peery
605 kB
Massively Parallel Multiphysics Code Development
Jim E. Morel
177 kB
High-Resolution Methods for Hydrodynamics
William J. Rider
227 kB
A Vision of Hidden Worlds
Robert J. Kares
239 kB
The LANSCE National User Facility
Thomas Wangler, Paul W. Lisowski
265 kB
Threat Reduction and Homeland Security - Developing Strategies and Tools for Protecting Our Nation and the World

190 kB
Six Decades of Reducing Threats and Allaying Fears
Houston T. Hawkins
391 kB
Eyes in Space - Sensors for Treaty Verification and Basic Research
William C. Priedhorsky, Richard Belian, Steve Brumby, Edward Fenimore, Maya Gokhale, John T. Gosling, Cheng Ho, Stephen Knox, David Lawrence, Geoffrey Reeves, Diane Roussel-Dupré, David Suszcynsky, W. Thomas Vestrand, Jay Schecker
953 kB
Reducing the Biological Threat - Detection, Characterization, and Response
Paul J. Jackson, Jill Trewhella
344 kB
National Health Security
I. Gary Resnick
80 kB
Fluorobodies - Mixing Antibodies and the Green Fluorescent Protein to Unravel the Genomic Revolution
Andrew M. Bradbury, Geoffrey S. Waldo, Ahmet Zeytun
268 kB
Analyzing Pathogen DNA Sequences
Thomas S. Brettin
93 kB
Understanding Why - Dissecting Radical Islamic Terrorism with Agent-Based Simulation
Edward P. MacKerrow
379 kB
The Los Alamos Center for Homeland Security
Thomas W. Meyer, J. Wiley Davidson, I. Gary Resnick, Ray C. Gordon III, Brian W. Bush, Cetin Unal, Gaspar L. toole, L. Jonathan Dowell, Sara C. Scott
334 kB
Strategic Investments

232 kB
Strategic Research at Los Alamos
Rajan Gupta, David E. Watkins
471 kB
Computational Tools to Battle HIV
Bette T. M. Korber, Alan S. Perelson
287 kB
Nanocrystal Quantum Dots - From Fundamental Photophysics to Multicolor Lasing
Victor I. Klimov
244 kB
Nanoscience and the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Donald M. Parkin
73 kB
Eddy-Resolving Ocean Modeling
Robert C. Malone, Richard D. Smith, Mathew E. Maltrud, Matthew W. Hecht
1121 kB
Virtual Watershed - Simulating the Water Balance of the Rio Grande Basin
Larry Winter, Everett P. Springer
526 kB
Water for Energy - A Critical Piece of the Energy Sustainability Puzzle
Anthony Mancino, Charryl L. Berger
42 kB
Toward a Sustainable Energy Future - Fuel Cell Research at Los Alamos
Kenneth R. Stroh
196 kB
Highlights of the Laboratory's Anniversary Celebration

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