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Environmental HealthPDF Size
Ionizing Radiation—It’s Everywhere! [No.23 1995]
Roger Eckhardt
1088 kB

Waste ManagementPDF Size
A Vision for Environmentally Conscious Plutonium Processing [No.26 2000]
Larry R. Avens, P. Gary Eller
2150 kB
Salt Distillation [No.26 2000]
Eduardo Garcia, Vonda R. Dole, James A. McNeese, Walter J. Griego
68 kB
Hydrothermal Processing [No.26 2000]
Laura A. Worl, Steven J. Buelow, Dennis D. Padilla
58 kB
Enhanced Pyrolysis for Converting Polystyrene or Cellulose Polymers [No.26 2000]
Daniel J. Kathios
57 kB
Treatment of Liquid Wastes [No.26 2000]
Gordon D. Jarvinen, Geraldine M. Purdy, Barbara F. Smith, Thomas C. Robinson
17 kB
Electrochemical Decontamination of Metallic Waste [No.26 2000]
Douglas E. Wedman, Jerry L. Lugo
139 kB
Molecularly Engineered Resins for Plutonium Recovery [No.26 2000]
S. Frredric Marsh, D. Kirk Veirs, Gordon D. Jarvinen, Mary E. Barr, Eddie W. Moody
660 kB
Yucca Mountain-Looking Ten Thousand Years into the Future [No.26 2000]
Roger C. Eckhardt, David L. Bish, Gilles Y. Bussod, June T. Fabryka-Martin, Schön Levy, Paul W. Reimus, Bruce A. Robinson, Wolfgang H. Runde, Inéz Triay, David T. Vaniman
3112 kB
Colloids-Carriers of Actinides into the Environment [No.26 2000]

24 kB

OtherPDF Size
The Plutonium Challenge-Environmental Issues [No.26 2000]
Siegfried S. Hecker
1316 kB

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